The horror! The horror! (Fire Blight)

the horror.

The horror.

Whelp…not even two weeks into the season and my adorable little columnar apple tree has contracted this:







Fire Blight.

the heart of darkness.

The heart of darkness.

Which I’m 99.3762458% sure has something to do with the tree next door:






As far as I can tell, you have three options for controlling fire blight: 1. pruning out the damage until all that’s left of your adorable little columnar apple tree is a sad nubbin left in the ground. 2. organic copper fungicide  but only if I’d thought of that about two weeks ago (for the do-it-your-selfers: combine 3 and 1/3 tablespoons of copper sulfate to 10 tablespoons of dry or slaked lime and one gallon of water. For people like me: attach hose to overpriced product purchased at Lowe’s) 3. burn the whole neighborhood down and start over. I’ll probably try the fungicide before the arson, but I’m worried that my apple growing venture has already gone to seed (ha.)


ONE: Realizing that there was a bit of open sky between the fairy tree and the maple in the back part of the yard, I planted two semi-dwarf Japanese plum trees, which according to my research can take a bit of shade.

Japanese Plums

Those sticks are actually plum trees.

TWO: The rains have caused a weed-splosion. Thank goodness the kids are out of school today.

Even weeds look pretty in pictures

Even weeds look pretty in pictures

THREE: My daughter has planted her own garden box with spinach and carrots, which we put in a patch of sun just in front of the Nanking cherry “pie bushes.” (Also, where the hell did all the  cherries go? The branches have been stripped clean! Whaaaat? How? And by whom?)

Blaisey's Box

Blaisey’s Box

FOUR: Squirrels are assholes. I mean, if they’re gonna pick the strawberries, they should eat them, at least. But no. They look you in the eye while they take one bite of the berry and throw it to the ground, still staring at you when they pluck the next one from the vine.

FIVE: And this is the state of the garden, Year 2 Day 13:

Year 2, Day 13

Year 2, Day 13


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